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We want to share our France with you. What we should add is that we speak French fluently (well, Laurent may be a little smoother because he is French!), we are sticklers for detail so you don’t have to be, we plan every inch of your stay except for the times you want to be “off on your own.” We both love food and we love learning and talking Laurent about it – trust us, you will never eat so well as you do on one of our Escapades. We have met all kinds of fascinating people who will entertain and inform you – that’s what they did for us the first time we met them and they continue to do that for the new friends we bring them. When we created Global Culinary Escapades in 2012, we wanted our tours to be captivatedly different, to craft unique experiences that are like no other in the travel industry.

We can create a personalized tour for your group, regardless of size. We can offer experiences that are difficult to arrange on your own – visits to wineries large and small, cooking classes, day trips to sights off the beaten track, designer outlet shopping, golf & spa days.

 As Travel Agent our goal is to provide the best travel experience for you and your family.

our vision

We have designed our tours around what we know is the hardest to find in France and around the Globe: meeting local people, learning from artisans who create wine, chocolate, bakery goods, cheese and so much more with superb skill and love. You will love meeting them and only GCE can provide you with that intimate experience. When in Paris, we are not just visitors or travelers, we become part of their lives, their culture, if only for too short a time

our mission

Our goal is to provide the best travel experience for you and your family. Customized planning and personal attention to every detail helps ensure every trip – whether it’s a weekend get-a-away or the vacation of a lifetime – is well organized and hassle free!

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Laurent Denis

is a Certified Travel Consultant, and Golf Vacations and Spa Vacations.

Kathy Denis

Kathy is a Certified "Guide Touristique de Bordeaux et Sa Region"

10 Reasons to use a Travel professional


  • 1) They are educated and have personal experience
  • 2) They have clout
  • 3) Added value.
  • 4) The best travel agents have unique access to benefits that can save you a lot of money and provide you with a better experience.
  • 5) Time-Savings.
  • 6) If anything should go wrong during your trip, you can rely on them to assist you.
  • 7) On the Cutting Edge
  • 8) You pay the same anyway!
  • 9) We will serve you as match right.
  • 10) Because we are awesome


A heartfelt gratitude for everything you planned, coordinated, and personally made happen on this forever-remembered opportunity for the 42 kids and the 4 other chaperones. Thank-you for all you & Laurent did. Our daughter will keep this memory close to her heart all the days of her life.

Stephanie B. Olathe, KS

Long, long overdue, but I want to thank you so very much for an incredible trip to France for my daughter, as well as all the other Olathe students! What an amazing opportunity you provided for them to see the world! She was beaming when she got home (and she had extended her trip with my sister for 5 days--also thank you for helping coordinate that!), wanting to share stories and pictures about all that she had experienced! The sights, sounds, smells, embracing the culture! I so appreciate how much you had prepared these young adults with regards to being in another country, weather it was regarding safety, cultural customs, food, etiquette, tipping, etc. I'm so glad they represented the US/KS/Olathe so well. I especially appreciate in helping her navigate through her allergic reaction to hazelnuts! She said you were amazing through it all!
Again, thank you for your time, talents, and dedication to this group of travelers. You made it fun and educational--a trip she will never forget! And for that we can never repay you!! You are the best! Merci beaucoup!

Jen H. Olathe, KS

Kathy and Laurent’s recommendations made our trip extremely memorable.
We would never have known about some of the quaint places we went to and stayed at had it not been for their expertise

Hank and Joann Riffe

My friends and I spent a day in the vineyards of Anjou thanks to the connections that Laurent and Kathy have.
It was such a perfect day of wine, French cuisine and extraordinary hospitality

Marcy Neal – Lexington, KY

We needed advice on a recent European trip and were very happy with the advice that we were given.
Our trip was so fabulous that we would like to spend more time in several of the places that we visited

John and Sue Hofmann - Los Alamos NM